Asics Tartherzeal 6 Ladies

Women's sizes (UK/US)
Colour - Asics

Product Details

Shoe type:Lightweight
Stack height:20/10mm
Heel/Toe drop:10mm
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Big G Says…

At 160/140 gms, this is an extremely light and fast shoe perfect for speedwork and shorter distance races (up to 21 kms). This shoe is designed for speed and is also ideal for cross-country, race walking, and middle/long distance track work and races.  The firm Flytefoam, the propulsion trusstic and the PU duosole combine to provide just that.

The full-length Flytefoam midsole is 55% lighter than standard EVA and is a good balance of cushioning and energy return. A propulsion trusstic in the mid-stance is designed as an extension of the foot's tendons and muscles, assisting forward propulsion.

The PU duomax forefoot outsole is a combination of small rubber lugs attached to a PU base, providing great traction and flexibility. The upper is a good balance of materials giving lightweight breathable support.

Many running shoe companies have focused on cushioning in this lightweight shoe category (think of Nike and Adidas). Asics have retained the more traditional firmer feel in their performance models. Most faster runners want to feel the ground to help generate more gait speed...this shoe certainly delivers at a very competitive price.

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