Asics Nimbus 23 Women Wide

Women's sizes (UK/US)
Colour - Asics

Product Details

Shoe type:Neutral
Stack height:27/14mm
Heel/Toe drop:13mm
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Big G Says…

It is fair to say that Asics got stuck in a bit of a rut in recent years with few innovations in the line-up. In 2020, the introduction of models such as Nimbus Lite, Kayano Lite and Novablast have broken the mould. The Nimbus 23 however still delivers what most S.A. runners crave; a durable cushioned shoe that goes the distance. It is not the lightest shoe in the neutral range, so Asics has not sacrificed durability for weight loss, so important in a daily trainer. This high mileage durable workhorse is especially suited to heel strikers.

A few minor updates to the '22' have ensured a smoother ride. The cushioned layers of Flytefoam are much the same as in the '22' but the Gel insert in the heel has been enlarged and the torsion stability device has been lowered and softened. The new combination gives more cushioning and a more stable feel underfoot while still flexible. The upper is little changed. The lace eyelet configuration, the sock liner, the heel collar and the tongue have all seen tweaks but retain the comfort of the '22'. The outsole used in the Nimbus is one of the most durable on the market giving heel strikers extra longevity in that high impact area.

The (M) AND (W) models are gender-specific. The women's is more flexible in the forefoot, less rigid in the mid-foot and a higher heel/toe drop. Both the (M} and (W) come in standard and wide fittings to ensure perfect comfort.

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