Brooks Adrenaline 21 Men

Men's Sizes (UK/US)

Product Details

Shoe type:Stability
Stack height:32/20mm
Heel/Toe drop:12mm
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Big G Says…

OK — so we moved the Adrenaline back into the stability category. We still believe that it is a neutral shoe with Guide Rails but since its introduction a couple of years ago, it has proven to be extremely popular as a mild stability shoe. 

The key to stability is the Guide Rail support system. They are positioned on both sides of the shoe's rear-foot (a longer one on the medial side, a shorter one on the lateral side) and balance out the foot plant. It is an adaptive system that engages only when you need support. 

The only significant upgrade to the '20' is that the plusher top-quality DNA Loft cushioning material has been extended on the outside of the forefoot enhancing the smooth ride for both heel and mid-stance strikers. The upper is lighter and more breathable and the overlays have been tweaked to provide more arch support. There is now a gusseted tongue and some memory foam has been introduced into the heel collar for added comfort. The heel/toe drop remains unchanged at 12 mm which is considered to be high these days by many shoe reviewers. However, it is certainly a benefit for aggressive heel strikers. 

In summary, this is a good choice for moderate pronators who crave the cushioning of a neutral shoe but need some control. The Adrenaline continues to evolve and deserves its position as one of the top-selling stability shoes in the world. I am a convert from my original sceptical viewpoint of doubting its position in the marketplace This high mileage daily trainer does integrate a fair amount of rear-foot stability. Its versatility can satisfy a wide range of running styles.  

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