Brooks Ghost 13 Men

Men's Sizes (UK/US)

Product Details

Shoe type:Neutral
Stack height:32/20mm
Heel/Toe drop:12mm
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Big G Says…

I often say to a client when fitting a Ghost ... "Brooks is the No1 running shops in USA and the Ghost is their No1 seller", so who is Big G to criticise it… so I won't. 

The Ghost is also one of our best sellers and the 13 will be the same. The biggest change from the 12 is the engine room of the shoes - the mid-sole. The DNA loft material used in the Glycerin but which was only in the heel areas of the Ghost 12, has been extended along the lateral (outside) into the forefoot. This co-moulding of 2 different densities of foam increases the cushioning for supinators, while retaining the more stable material on the medial forefoot. Brooks also say that this co-moulding also contributes to a weight reduction and more durability. The 12mm heel/toe drop is still one of the highest on the market. This may have something to do with its popularity with ladies, and will have a benefit if you are a heel striker.

The outsole also has a subtle but very important tweak. The rubber the forefoot medial side has been extended back into the mid-stance area. By doing so, it has eliminated a flex groove in that position thereby improving the mid-stance stability… a definite improvement.

The uppers as with all models, have been cosmetically enhanced and of course, fit most feet perfectly as usual. The wider 2E fit which appeared briefly n the 12 however appears to have been dropped in this version.

At the time of this review, we still have good stock of the 12 (including wide for men) @ R2295 and remains a great option at the price. lf we still have your size in the 12, it would be a 'no-brainer' buy for novices and higher mileage runners alike. 

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