Asics GT 4000.2 Ladies

Women's sizes (UK/US)
Colour - Asics

Product Details

Shoe type:Stability
Stack height:21/11mm
Heel/Toe drop:10mm
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Big G Says…

The GT4000.2 has only cosmetic upgrades from the GT4000. This model has really found a niche in our range and is proving very popular. So what makes it special? The key is the extension of the firmer Duomax material on the medial side of the midsole. Designed to reduce the degree of rotation (pronation), the control extends from the rear foot through the mid-stance into the forefoot. Combined with the solid midfoot Trusstic stabiliser, the construction provides a supportive platform, especially beneficial to those runners and walkers who exhibit late pronation. The problem is that when one or both feet point out when running or walking, the knee does not follow, but tends to rotate to the inside (abduction). This is often the cause of lower leg injuries.

Most stability shoes concentrate on rearfoot control and may not have sufficient forefoot support. The softer the forefoot material the poorer will be the support. There is no shoe from our preferred brands that gives such good medial support from heel to toe.

It has a unique niche in the Asics range of stability shoes. The Kayano is certainly the closest in terms of support with the GT2000 closest for cushioning - the GT4000.2 combines the best of both.

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