Altra Superior 4.5 Men

Men's Sizes (UK/US)
Colour - Altra

Product Details

Shoe type:Trail
Stack height:21mm
Heel/Toe drop:0mm
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Big G Says…

The Superior 4.5 feels very much like its predecessor - light, nimble with a great feel for the trail. There have been a few minor but significant up-grades. Altra have made changes to the upper. The lighter thinner material on the 4.0 has been replaced with a stronger quick-dry air mesh making it more resistant to tearing. The seamless and slightly stretchy material in the forefoot allows the toes to splay. There is a really solid toe protector in this version and the mid-sole has also been re-structured for extra support in mid-stance.

The Quantic mid-sole cushioning is noticeably firmer now. While improving the stability of the shoe, it remains flexible enough to satisfy all you mountain goats out there. The tongue is still attached to the medial side of the upper eliminating slippage and reducing the risk of chafing. The 4.5 still comes with a stone guard accessory as part of the deal. When inserted, it provides extra protection from any rough terrain. There has been no change to the outsole, but one reviewer commented that it provided improved grip. This is possible because the firmer mid-sole will tend to anchor the outsole better.

So while the tougher upper and the firmer mid-sole will make this shoe more attractive to a wider range of trail runners, it is still not especially designed for technical or ultra trail runs. However for shorter or easier trails, this shoe has few equals.

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