Altra Escalante 2.5 Men

Men's Sizes (UK/US)
Colour - Altra

Product Details

Shoe type:Lightweight
Stack height:24mm
Heel/Toe drop:0mm
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Big G Says…

So what sets Altra shoes apart from all the other shoes on the market? Altra's main design has three key features - the unique foot shaped toe-box, the cushioned zero drop and the fit4her technology incorporated into the ladies models. The Escalante is the top seller in our Altra range and the 2.5 is little changed from the winning formula that made the Escarante 2 so popular. Created for faster paced running with a smooth heel-to-toe transition, this shoe is a leader in its class.

The 2 main differences from the 2.0 are that the mid-sole is softer and the shoe is much more flexible. The Altra EGO mid-sole material gives a lightning quick response time and the internal flex grooves enhance the flexibility even more, making it the most flexible shoes in our range. This allows a natural foot movement. The outsole design maps the bones and tendons of the foot helping it to bend and move more freely - limiting ground contact time. The new more breathable upper fits and feels like a sock and is now lighter and more comfortable.

This model is certainly not for everybody but if you are looking for a zero drop shoes with a roomy forefoot to allow natural toe splay, then this could be the shoe for you. A responsive nearly barefoot ride with a burst of energy return with every step. Come in and give it a test run.

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