Hoka Arahi 4 Men

Hoka Men's sizes (UK/US)

Product Details

Shoe type:Stability
Stack height:32/27mm
Heel/Toe drop:5mm
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Big G Says…

The Arahi is Hoka's lightweight moderate stability model. The famous cushioning from Hoka's thick midsole stack heights and soft dual midsole EVA compositions are still evident, but the difference from all other Hoka's is the J-Frame of firmer material molded into the midsole. This denser material in the shape of a 'J' extends further forward on the medial (inside) than on the lateral (outside) thus stabilising the foot plant for those who have a mild pronation, and can benefit those runners with late pronation i.e. rotating excessively onto the big toe.  Most stability models are slightly firmer than their neutral brothers or sisters eg Clifton 6 and the Arahi is no different . . . but it is still the most cushioned of the stability shoes in our range. The MetaRocker sole unit helps to roll the foot smoothly into the next stride.

The difference between the '3' and the '4' is minimal. A change of material in the upper is designed to improve breathability and comfort, but the outsole and mid-sole remain unchanged. So with most of the design and detail of the '3' being carried over, anyone who has enjoyed the '3' will have no problems adjusting to the '4'.

To conclude, this latest Arahi continues to guide the foot through the natural gait cycle without the use of rigid materials and retains excellent cushioning. As the lucky owner of all the previous versions of Arahi's, I can testify to the comfort of these shoes. They are certainly some of my favourites. Thanks to the nice guys at Hoka for the privilege.

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