Asics Nimbus 22 Men

Men's Sizes (UK/US)
Colour - Asics

Product Details

Shoe type:Neutral
Stack height:25/15mm
Heel/Toe drop:10mm
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Big G Says…

The Asics Nimbus competed with the New Balance 880 to be our top-selling model in 2019, so it was somewhat surprising to find Asics making some quite extensive changes to this successful model. The '21' was categorised as stable neutral, featuring a secure rearfoot strike area and a supportive platform to stabilise the foot plant. The'22'falls more into the cushioned neutral category with Asics returning to a softer more protective ride after a couple of firmer versions. It may be wise to explore other options if you need more stability at heel strike.

The most significant changes come in the midsole - the cushioning material is still Flytefoam with rear and forefoot Gel, but the Flytefoam is much softer and the stack height has been increased by 3mm. The improved cushioning is enhanced by the softer rearfoot Gel being extended further around the heel giving additional impact protection no matter how the heel strikes the ground. To counteract any negatives from the higher stack height, Asics have deepened the flex grooves in the forefoot to improve the flexibility, the transition, and toe-off while giving the impression of a lighter shoe.

The knit upper with printed overlays is both functional and fashionable......the monofilament material is softer and the toe box is wider than the 21. The softly padded interior, tongue, and collar help give a comfortable almost luxurious sensation.

The Nimbus always delivers high mileage. 800kms and possibly much more should be well within its compass before replacing. It is different from the '21' but if you are an Asics fanatic, you will not be disappointed. The Running Shoe Guru describes the Nimbus 22 as the gold standard of road running shoes with comfort second to none. It is certainly right up there with the best.

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