Asics Kayano 27 Men

Men's Sizes (UK/US)
Colour - Asics

Product Details

Shoe type:Stability
Stack height:22/12mm
Heel/Toe drop:10mm
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Big G Says…

The Kayano is Asics biggest selling running shoe in specialist shops in the USA, and has the distinction of having the 2nd longest life span of all the running shoes on the market today. While staying true to Mr Kayano's mission of providing protection, comfort and durability, careful attention with fine tuning, has continued to improve an almost perfect shoe.

The changes are certainly subtle and somewhat peripheral to function. To run through them quickly:

- The upper has a different pattern of Jacquard mesh

- The eco-skeleton heel counter has a slightly different configuration

- The shape of the rear foot Gel is marginally different

- The space trusstic element in the mid foot has been tweaked

- The fore foot flex grooves have been re-arranged.

Sometimes, there are changes made for changes sake but at least one change has considerable practical importance. The width of the Kayano 27 has been standardised back to a proper 'D' fit (medium) - the 26 had more of a 2E width at the forefoot and was too wide for some Kayano devotees.

When you think of traditional stability shoes, clunky and heavy come to mind. Not so with the Kayano feels light on the foot with a good balance of cushioning and response. It gives really solid rear to mid foot support but with a flexible toe off. The bottom line is that the Kayano 27 has the same smooth but stable characteristics as the previous model and the growing Kayano fan club will find equal protection, comfort and durability as befits this premium model. Mr Kayano will be happy.

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