Altra Lone Peak 4.5 Ladies

Women's sizes (UK/US)
Colour - Altra

Product Details

Shoe type:Trail
Stack height:25mm
Heel/Toe drop:0mm
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Big G Says…

This is Altra's flagship trail shoe. Overall, many similarities with the LP. 4 Still a well balanced versatile shoe with foot-shaped comfort and a zero-drop midsole. The minor changes are designed to amend the fit and the ride of the shoe achieving a more nimble closer to the ground feel. The outsole remains the same but the midsole material has been replaced by a firmer foam. There is a new lacing system for more mid-foot security and the upper has lost some of its overlays.

Possibly the most notable change comes in the density of the midsole material. Altra says that by increasing the density, the lifespan of the midsole will improve - more resilient, protective and durable. It still retains a StoneGuard - a thin sheet of protective material to prevent sharp trail debris from causing discomfort. It is fairly unobtrusive and does not negatively affect the shoe's flexibility or natural motion. Many reviewers could not detect any real difference between the 4,0 and the 4.5 when testing - so the tweaking must be somewhat minimal.

No changes to the outsole. MaxTrac rubber for traction and durability with the 'Trail Claw' design with canted lugs positioned strategically under the metatarsals to provide traction at toe-off. The best word to describe the outsole of the Lone Peak 4.5 is 'trustworthy' on all surfaces.

So if you have had a good experience from a Lone Peak in the past, this model will not disappoint. For a newcomer, it is a comfortable, stable and efficient shoe with a relaxed toe box and a great balance between ground feel and protective cushioning.

                        (Also perfect as a solid lightweight hiking shoe)

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