Saucony Xodus 10 Men

Men's Sizes (UK/US)

Product Details

Shoe type:Trail
Stack height:31.5/27.5mm
Heel/Toe drop:4mm
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Big G Says…

The RoadTrailRun review site in the USA says it all, "Any trail, any surface, any road, supreme versatility, maximum performance, and fun." Any comparison of this model to the previous model Xodus ISO 3 would be senseless as it was over the top-heavy and solid. While the Xodus is still Saucony's flagship all-terrain shoe, they seem to have taken a step back to when the Xodus was a market leader and two steps forward creating a modern functional and competitive shoe.

The abrasion-resistant upper is excellent, providing an amazing combination of fit, comfort, security, flexibility, and breathability - ISO gone. Saucony have used their top PWRRUN+ material in the midsole. It indicates Saucony's determination to make this shoe the best of the best. PWRRUN+ is based on the original boost material - but this is a much-advanced compound. It provides a better cushioned and energetic ride than most other trail shoes on the market a huge improvement on the previous material- EVERUN gone. The generous stack heights of the PWRRUN+ provide more than ample underfoot protection and is supplemented by a woven rock plate between the mid and outsoles.

The lug pattern on the full-length PWRTRAC outsole has been redesigned. lt grips exceptionally well on all-terrain surfaces and by cleverly re-arranging the pattern and reducing the lug profile to 5mm, the shoe also performs well on the road transitioning smoothly from mountain to tar - a true hybrid. If you run courses with water hazards such as rivers and streams, the ability to be able to drill holes in the soles for drainage may appeal.

It gets a bit monotonous repeating that a model is much the same as the previous with just a few tweaks. Not in this case ... a huge advancement on previous models. The introduction said it all. Park Run to 100k Ultras, tough rugged trails to road running, this durable, well-cushioned, and protective shoe is a winner.

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