Saucony Kinvara 11 Men

Men's Sizes (UK/US)

Product Details

Shoe type:Lightweight
Stack height:23.0/19.0mm
Heel/Toe drop:4mm
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Big G Says…

The Saucony Kinvara is a classic amongst lightweight running shoes. Born out of the minimalist revolution, it remains a popular model some years later because of its light energetic vibe. Kinvara devotees (known as Kinvarans) are different. They will spend 30 minutes analysing each of the Kinvaras they have owned - the good and the bad - as no two Kinvaras have been exactly the same. But Kinvarans they stay!

Of course, there are changes here from the 10 - Saucony designers must have their way. The II is light but not as light as the 10. Why? The answer is in the stack height. The new PWRRUN midsole is 5.5mm thicker than the EVERUN/EVA of the 10. PWRRUN maybe 25% lighter than its predecessor but the weight loss is negated by the extra material. The idea is presumably to move the Kinvara away from the lightweight racer/trainer silo toward a more daily trainer. Risky!

Small changes to the upper do not really affect the fit and feel of this upgrade. A simplified lacing system, a thicker padded tongue but less at the heel collar are minimal tweaks. The traditional lightweight comfort with no hot spots or pressure points is still readily evident. I have already touched on the PWRRUN midsole foam which Saucony claim is softer, Springer, and more durable than previously used midsole materials.

So here lies the dilemma -will it be more durable? To be classified as a lightweight trainer, the midsole must be able to withstand a higher mileage load. It certainly feels a little firmer underfoot with a slightly more supportive upper.  At the end of the day, all the pros and cons of the Kinvara 11 will be thoroughly evaluated by the Kinvarans and the verdict spread wide. Suffice to say, that if you are a midfoot striker who is happy to get about 500 kms out of a shoe, then give them a try - maybe you too will become a Kinvaran.

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