Hoka Mach 3 Ladies

Hoka Women's sizes (UK/US)

Product Details

Shoe type:Lightweight
Stack height:22/17mm
Heel/Toe drop:5mm
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Big G Says…

This will be one of the easier reviews to write as the only upgrade from the Mach 2 has been the upper - an engineered jacquard mesh with a tighter weave to improve the fit, support and breathability has replaced the previous mesh. Otherwise, 'under the hood' as the Yanks say, everything is the same.

The key to the performance of this light, highly cushioned shoe is the dual-density PROFLY midsole unit. The rearfoot material is softer to maximise cushioning at heel while the forefoot is firmer to encourage an energised toe-off... altho' the rocker is not as evident as in other Hoka models. The result is a smooth heel-to-toe transition. lt has a lower stack height than other Hoka models and gives a firmer than normal feel expected from a Hoka, but is still well-cushioned. Hoka's Active Foot Frame (the bucket) helps to stabilise and centralise the footplant.

So this shoe offers a great cushioning-to-weight ratio and is probably best for those who race and train up to 21 kms. Also ideal for treadmill and lighter gym workouts.

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