New Balance 1080v10 Ladies

Women's sizes (UK/US)
Colour - New Balance

Product Details

Shoe type:Neutral
Stack height:29/21mm
Heel/Toe drop:8mm
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Big G Says…

The 1080 has supposedly been New Balance's top neutral shoe, but it had deteriorated so much that we did not stock the v9. A radical upgrade was vital. The mission was to enhance the cushioning, make it lighter, smoother underfoot and more flexible. Using innovative computer analysis, the process was made more precise.

A computer modeling technique called reaction-diffusion created a mesh 'Hypoknit' which provides static consistent support all along the foot but allowing for quick adjustments between the supportive and stretchy zones - a more flexible and customizable option. This seamless upper now gives more stretch over the toe-box and more support around the mid-foot.

The midsole has now been upgraded from FreshFoam to FreshFoam X. The molecules within the foam have been shaped to create Voronoi patterns like soap suds instead of block like, creating a dynamic web of multi-sided polygons. how does this improve the sensation? offers exceptional cushioning and energy return. The ride is the perfect blend of silky smooth softness and lively rebound, bringing a distinct energy into every mile of a long run. Overall, a much lighter and more energetic shoe than previous models.

Professional running shoe reviewers in the USA have found few negatives when testing this completely revamped version. Of course, it comes in 2 different widths in both men's and women's for a perfect fit. A definite candidate for the best neutral shoe of 2020.

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