Altra Torin 4 Men

Men's Sizes (UK/US)
Colour - Altra

Product Details

Shoe type:Neutral
Stack height:26mm
Heel/Toe drop:0mm
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Big G Says…

The Torin is one of the original Altra models and version 4 is probably the best yet. We did not stock the previous model, the 3.5, but the upgrades in the 4.0 are mainly in the midsole and outsole.

The stack height is 2mm less due to the removal of the Strobel board underneath the innersole. A new midsole material called Quantic has been introduced...softer and more cushioned than previous. The Torin 4 also gets a notable outsole tread update with an increased carbon rubber content resembling the foot's skeletal structure. The mesh upper has also been redesigned with an improved midfoot lockdown.

This model sits in between the Paradigm 4.5 and the Escalante 2.0 in terms of stack height, cushioning and weight. It has been refined for a lighter more responsive feel of the road without compromising its signature roomy toe box and zero-drop platform associated with the Altra brand.

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