Brooks Adrenaline 20 Men

Men's Sizes (UK/US)

Product Details

Shoe type:Neutral
Stack height:30/18mm
Heel/Toe drop:12mm
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Big G Says…

Last year's review of the Brooks Adrenaline 19 highlighted that although the changes to the revered Adrenaline 18 were dramatic, I considered it to be stable enough to be placed within the stability category. A year later, I have changed my mind and moved it into the neutral shoe section. The introduction of the '20' has not changed my opinion. The new generation of Adrenalines were introduced to fill the gap between stable neutral and mildly supportive models. Maybe it does and will suit that type of runner, but the emphasis would be on 'mildly supportive' as it struggles to control anything other than very mild rotation.

This model is essentially a Ghost with Guide Rails, which appear to make only a small difference in rear- foot stability. The problem is that the excellent midsole material of the Ghost is too soft for a true stability model, failing to provide a firm enough base for the Guide Rails to have significant influence.

The'20' is almost identical to the '19'. Yes there is a different mesh upper, an additional overlay on the forefoot and the Guide Rail construction has been amended...all evidently designed to improve the stability of the shoe. Well, these changes are unlikely to have much effect until the midsole is firmed up. The sad thing for Brooks fans is that there is no Brooks maximum support model available in SA. Given that we sell more stability shoes than neutral shoes in any given month,  this omission will hopefully be addressed in the future.

There are plus points...the shoe is slightly lighter than the '19' and does feel lighter on the foot. It has a very comfortable fit and has excellent cushioning qualities (like the Ghost) ... but just be careful that it matches your specific stability requirements before buying.

                                  ( NOW AVAILABLE IN 2E WIDE FIT )

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