New Balance 880v10 Ladies

Women's sizes (UK/US)
Colour - New Balance

Product Details

Shoe type:Neutral
Stack height:22/12mm
Heel/Toe drop:10mm
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Big G Says…

The New Balance 880 has been a top seller for 2 years now and many runners and walkers were very relieved that the changes from the v8 to the v9 were minimal. The mid-sole was neither too soft nor too firm and rated as one of the most comfortable shoes on the market as it was available in width fittings. This classic stable neutral shoe was really hard to fault.

But guess what...yes you guessed it... New Balance has given it a complete overhaul. The Trufuse dual-density mid-sole cushioning foam has been replaced with Freshfoam X. It certainly gives a softer, more responsive feel especially at the heel. The Freshfoam X in the forefoot has an insert of firmer material to stabilise the forefoot toe-off and is a point of difference with the 1080v10.

The Freshfoam X in the mid-sole has concave dimples on the lateral side for extra cushioning and concave dimples on the medial side to give additional compression resistance. It is possible that this may make a difference but evidence for this from New Balance is non-existent. The Hypknit upper, similar to the 1080v10, is designed with areas of stretch and support strategically placed where best needed. The heel has a combination of an internal and an external heel counter. The external counter is more prominent than in most neutral models and should help stabilise the rearfoot on impact.

It would appear that all the changes have up-graded a very good shoe into an even better shoe. Its popularity has elevated New Balance into the second most successful brand in The Randburg Runner and this excellent up-date is very likely to keep them there or even challenge the No.1 spot. The availability of 2 widths in both men's and ladies is a huge bonus in the quest to find the perfect fit.

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