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Asics Nimbus 21 Men

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Men's Sizes (UK/US)
Colour - Asics

Product Details

Shoe type:Neutral
Stack height:22/12mm
Heel/Toe drop:10mm
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Big G Says…

There are three basic sub-categories within the neutral shoe range - stable neutral, cushioned neutral and lightweight. The latest Nimbus 21 falls squarely into the stable neutral category. The firmer cushioning and the wider flare to the sole unit provide a more stable platform than the average neutral shoe.

It is well documented that the Nimbus has experienced more changes than most models over the last few years. The Nimbus 16 was excellent, but the 17 and 18's were below par. The gradual improvement through the 19 and 20 has been continued into the 21. The combination of Flytefoam Propel and Flytefoam Lyte, plus rear and forefoot gel plus full lateral ground contact give lots of consistent protection and is an ideal shoe for these runners who clock up a lot of miles per week or alternatively want the shoes to last for more kilos than the average shoe.

The upper has been redesigned...again! Thankfully it has a wider toe box and a slightly stretchy upper. The tongue is well padded and the Ortholite sponge collar at the heel all contribute to a comfortable fit.

This model is our best seller from the Asics range and is a perennial favourite go-to-shoe for many... and luckily for them, this version continues its incarnation. Built for distance, it will go the distance.

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