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Saucony Ride ISO Men

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Men's Sizes (UK/US)

Product Details

Shoe type:Neutral
Stack height:27/19mm
Heel/Toe drop:8mm
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Big G Says…

The Saucony Ride series is famous for being the perfect balance of cushioning and responsiveness and now with the lSOfit system it is also the perfect fit.

The biggest change from the Ride 10 is to the upper. The lSOfit contributes greatly to the overall support and comfort of the upper, and the engineered mesh is soft and pliable. lt is a lot more comfortable than the thicker meshes of many of its competitors. Together with the elastic tongue stabiliser to stop slippage, the upper fits like a slipper.

The mid-sole now has Saucony's standard combination of PWRFOAM with a 3mm top-sole layer of EVERUN. lt is also cleverly contoured so that the foot sits down into the mid-sole...the cupped effect increasing rear-foot stability.

The outsole now includes deeper longitudinal grooves and the result is a slightly softer, more fluid and more dynamic toe-off than the Ride 10. Currently very competitively priced and well worth trying on.

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