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Hoka Clifton 5 Men Wide

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Hoka Men's sizes (UK/US)

Product Details

Shoe type:Neutral
Stack height:29/24mm
Heel/Toe drop:5mm
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Big G Says…

The evolution of the Clifton continues but at a slower pace than previously. Many reviewers have been unable to determine any significant differences from the '4'to the '5'. Yes, there have been changes to the upper and it is a better fit with a sleeker look. The claim that the midsole cushioning has been softened a little is debatable and if it has ...the change is minimal.

So let's go back and summarise what was said about the 4

- Hoka's biggest seller

- Durability of cushioning enhanced.

- Meta-rocker encourages faster toe-off 

- ldeal for high mileage runner

But wait...there has been one big change...the men's model is now available in a wider {2E} fitting as well as the standard width. previously, many aspirant Hoka buyers had to decline their purchase due to the tightness at the forefoot. No longer...happiness is a properly fitting shoe!

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