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New Balance Beacon 2 Ladies

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Women's sizes (UK/US)
Colour - New Balance

Product Details

Shoe type:Lightweight
Stack height:26/20mm
Heel/Toe drop:6mm
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Big G Says…

This is the second generation of the Beacon. We gave the first generation of Beacon a swerve as the shoe was unproven in S.A. conditions...but after reading rave overseas reviews, we had no hesitation in stocking the Beacon 2.

There have in fact been changes only in the design of the upper. The midsole and outsole are unchanged with the Fresh Foam having 2 densities. The softer Fresh Foam gives a springy, cushioned and smooth sensation when in flight. At faster paces and downhills, the Fresh Foam rebounds quickly and encourages an easy forward transition. The outsole contains areas of firmer Fresh Foam known as Ground Contact Fresh Foam for extra durability. The 6mm heel/toe drop feels lower on the foot and also encourages a mid to forefoot strike. The knit mesh at the front of the upper has a roomy toe box and almost feels like a slipper immediately on fitting. The fit both at the heel and in midfoot has been improved to eliminate any complaints from the original.

This shoe is yet another example of New Balance continuing to move away from the conservative image for which it was known with its biggest asset being width fitting availability. This modern design shoe has a unique mixture of lightness and softness. Soft on the foot and light on the pocket.

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